What is healthy nutrition?

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    Realize your need for healthy nutrition

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    Get a personal consultation from a professional nutritionist and cook

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    Adopt the experience and order foodwith delivery

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    Enjoy the delicacy of taste

Health can never lose its value for people,
because it’s bad to live without health both in prosperity and in luxury.

There are a wide variety of different diets and nutrition systems in the world, but it's worth remembering that all of them should be chosen individually. Just because a diet helped someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll help you. Another thing is proper nutrition, the principles of which need to be adhered to for a lifetime, not just for short periods of time. It will not only help to keep your figure in shape, but also to have a more balanced life.

At the basis of our healthy nutrition methodology lie four principles:

  1. Food value should correspond to the energy expenditure of the body. Unfortunately, this condition is often violated when a consumption of high-calorie food (sugar, potato, bread etc.) is much higher than the energy expenditure of the body.

  2. The second principle states that the chemical composition of substances should meet the individual physiological needs of the body. Every day, the body should consume at least seventy different chemical compounds that are vital and can not be synthesized in the body on their own.

  3. The next principle of healthy nutrition is maximum food variety, regularity and a proper diet.

  4. The need for nutrients, energy and diet is chosen completely individually, depending on the needs of the body, physical activity and age.
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